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The Proper way To Ask The Universe For What You Want

how to ask the universe for something
habboin 25/01/2022 Universe 2095
"I have been totally focusing all my attention on manifesting a few million dollars and I haven't got it yet, why?"Well, if the secret of manifesting a million dollars was as simple as asking the Univ...
"I have been totally focusing all my attention on manifesting a few million dollars and I haven't got it yet, why?"Well, if the secret of manifesting a million dollars was as simple as asking the Universe to fork it over, then don't you think everyone in the world would be a millionaire? This is the issue I have with "The Secret." After people read a book or watch a video about "The Secret," they think that all they have to do is ask the universe and all their troubles in life will disappear. Reality check, please! While the premise of "The Secret," is based upon factual, evidence, it is only an umbrella term, a starting point.Do you seriously think that you can just close your eyes and say; "Universe, please give me a million dollars" and then sit back, do nothing, and then wait for it to either fall from the sky or have someone knock on your door and hand you a check?Although that would be so incredibly awesome, it's got about as much of a chance of happening as a cat giving birth to a squirrel. The secret, (which really isn't a secret), more like the "solution" is called; Taking Action . . . "Concentrated Purposeful Action!"Show the Universe you're willing to work for whatever it is you desire, and the Universe will directly respond to you by opening up new doorways and avenues for you to follow. The answers may be subtle at first, and if you're not yet fully open or prepared for it, you might overlook them. However, the more you take action both inwardly and outwardly, the answers you seek will begin appearing to you. The more you take "Concentrated Purposeful Action," the faster the Universe will lead you closer to, and eventually get you to, your desire of receiving a million dollars, or whatever it is you are trying to manifest. I'll talk more about this a little later, but, on to question number two;"If the Law of Attraction works so well, how come you're not a millionaire yet?"Well, just because I may not be a millionaire at this exact moment, does not mean that next week I won't be. Besides, that might not even be what my desire is to manifest. O K, so alright, it is one of my desires, but I accept and understand that I need to take "Concentrated, Purposeful, Action" or "CPA"to get there, which I am dedicated to doing. ​Don't get me wrong, if someone wants to knock on my door and hand me a big old check for a million dollars, that's great, but that hasn't happened yet, so every day I remain positively focused, and dedicate time and action towards opening the doors that will point me in the direction I'm supposed to be heading to manifest my dreams and desires.What do I mean by "Prepare The Vessel?"What if I told you that the very first thing you need to do is prove to the Universe that you are worthy of receiving the desires you want to manifest? Have you ever thought that just maybe, just maybe, the reason your desires aren't manifesting, is because you, "The Vessel," isn't inwardly ready, to handle the responsibility that goes along with it? For example; the number of people who have won massive lottery jackpots, and then found themselves flat broke, because they literally blew threw every penny of it, are staggering! Clearly, these people were not ready to receive such an intense responsibility. Their "vessel's" were not prepared. Another example is; the person who desires to manifest "love and long-term relationships,"yet can't make any of their relationships last longer than a half-hour, television, sitcom, why? Maybe it's time for them to look inward, be honest with themselves, and see where they might need to make some "changes," to allow "Love," and meaningful relationships, to endure. Once you begin to make the necessary tweaks and changes within, the Universe will outwardly begin to reward you for your consistent determination, by allowing your desires to manifest. Everyone needs to realize that so much of "manifesting your desires,"is making sure your frequencies are perfectly aligned, with both the frequencies of what you desire and the Universe. Your vibration's, your frequencies, play such an active role in the "manifesting process." "Prepare The Vessel!"

There are many different ways of connecting to the Universe and there isn't just one specific correct way of asking either. By now, you should have a positive friendship with the Universe and understand that together you're a unique team destined to be together for the rest of your life.Each and every time you ask for what you really want, the Universe begins the process of giving you what you desire. Every time that you submit a request to the Universe, it should be done with sincerity and gratitude. Don't forget that "The Law of Attraction"mirrors your real desires in direct response to your emotions and thoughts.

Throughout your life you will be asking for things, so be sure to send out a perfect description or picture to the Universe. If you can ask for something that is clearly stated and stated with positive emotions, then you need only ask the Universe one time and one time only. It's just like ordering something on-line. Place the order, click submit, receive your product. Don't keep asking for the same exact thing over and over again, the Universe isn't hard of hearing or stupid. Give it time, have patience and believe that you already have what you asked for.

Find a quiet spot where you will not be distracted by external or internal noise. Now close your eyes and totally focus on just one awesome thing that you want. Got it? Good! The next step is to really concentrate on it and bring it to life. Imagine that you already have what you wanted and submerge yourself into that scene. Use all of your senses and have a lot of fun with it.Feel it . . . if it's tangible, smell it . . . if it has a scent, listen to it . . . if it has a sound and taste it . . . if it has flavor. The point is to vividly live in what you have asked for. You only have to do this for a minute or two and then slowly open your eyes. How did you feel during the visualization? If you said happy and joyful it is because you got to experience creation up close and personal. Before anything can be received , it must becreated by your mind first. When you visualize, you send out amazing frequencies and those frequencies will boomerang back to you. Don't forget,This Is The Law of Attraction and The Law is Perfect!

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