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Dreaming About A Parallel Universe - Dream Meaning ...

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*This post may contain affiliate links. Please see my disclosure to learn more.When you are in the dream world, you have access to unparalleled knowledge and things you cannot even begin to fathom. T...
*This post may contain affiliate links. Please see my disclosure to learn more.

When you are in the dream world, you have access to unparalleled knowledge and things you cannot even begin to fathom. This is also where your subconscious is more open to you about certain things.

So what does it mean to dream about a parallel universe?

Was it a glimpse of another version of you that exists in another plane? Was it a past life dream? Or was it a message from your subconscious masquerading as something else for you to give meaning to?

There are three basic meanings of dreaming about a parallel universe: 1) you are viewing your actual alternate self, 2) you are rewatching one of your past lives, or 3) it is a memory of an actual event in your life but presented to you in a different way.

Meanings of a Parallel Universe Dream

Having a dream about living a parallel life may literally mean just that. You may have only seen your alternate self do his or her thing as he or she typically would on an ordinary day in an unremarkable world.

Of course, that other world would fascinate you once you are back in your waking life in this world. But keep in mind that when dreaming about your parallel life, you may feel as if everything was typical. That is the best indication of your dream being a glimpse into a parallel universe.

The second possible meaning of dreaming of a parallel life may be that you have seen one of your past lives. If you wake up feeling particularly settled or satisfied, this may be what the dream was.

You may also have the inkling deep inside you that the event is well over and was just a recording of a situation for you to view and perhaps even learn from.

There are other certain signs as well, such as seeing historical objects or the knowledge of being in a past date or having recurring dreams where the places that some of your dreams take place on are the same or the things that appear are similar.

Seeing a parallel universe in your dream may also be merely metaphorical, though, and it would be up to you to interpret it depending on your standing in life and the other symbols that you can recall from the dream.

You are about to encounter something strange

Dreaming about a parallel universe may indicate that a strange event is about to present itself to you. It may be odd in the way that you have yet to encounter such a thing, like an adventure trip, a forced eviction, or an unusual sighting.

Note the other details that you may recall from that dream, such as the place you were in, how you got there, and what you were doing there.

You should seek alternate solutions to a problem

A parallel life dream may also be a significant symbol of how everything has alternatives. Nothing is set in stone and the only constant thing in this world is change.

We constantly evolve, for better or for worse, and that is what your higher self is trying to tell you. If you have an issue that has been bothering you, your subconscious had sent you an answer telling you to seek alternate solutions.

You may want to try something innovative as well. It may be something that is so far from your current reality. If you have never traveled before, sung in public, written a book, paid attention to someone other than yourself, or chosen to prioritize yourself, now will be a good time to do so.

Your higher self had just given you the thumbs-up and is waiting for you to make that thing happen.

As alternates exist and a parallel universe presented itself to you in your dream, you can live your life however you choose to.

You are acknowledging previously suppressed parts of yourself

If you have dreamed of your physical self and your parallel self meeting and perhaps even interacting, it denotes that you are garnering awareness of more parts of your self and you are now recognizing even the parts you used to shame and suppress.

It may be a trait you did not like such as the way you laugh or your tendency to forget names quickly, or your negative thoughts about yourself or some situations.

You are having some doubts

If you dreamt of being in a parallel world where you were seeking your alternate self and never found him or her, you might be having some doubts about yourself. You may be in a new place, a new job, a new relationship, or in a new stage in life.

If you were looking for someone else in that parallel universe and you failed in finding that person, you may be wishing you had some sort of closure with a part of that person.

It may be that you have discovered something you did not expect from that person or had gotten into a disagreement that caused a big rift with him or her.

It’s a glimpse to a parallel life

The theory for the existence of parallel universes is that space-time is flat and therefore infinite, so universes must repeat many times over to fill the whole space.

This is how your exact self can exist in parallel universes, and another you with a slight difference can also exist in many other worlds.

When you dream of a parallel universe, there is a chance that you are actually witnessing one of your other lives at that moment.

The best clue in figuring out if this is the case is when you have known in your heart that it was where you belonged and everything was simply typical for you in that dream.

It’s a review of a past life

Since you have access to more wisdom while dreaming, you may also watch a review of your past life in your dream of a parallel universe. Some signs that you have dreamt of a past life are:

Seeing historical symbolsNote the place your dream happened in and try to recall the clothes you were wearing. Remember if you have seen older inventions of things that have now been modernized. Think about the event that was in progress when you were in the dream.Being different from your waking lifeWhat gender were you in your parallel universe dream? What was your race, your name, age, and religion? Recall whether you also knew other languages or have skills that your waking life did not.Having recurring dreamsIf your dream keeps repeating, it may be a past life replay. The same goes for a dream that occurs in the same place or has the same theme, or a dream that seems to be a series.Finding an explanation for an odd behavior of yoursMaybe you have an irrational fear of frogs that did not stem from a childhood fear or any trauma. Maybe you like doing something that does not need to be done at this age, and you just cannot seem to stop doing it. If you notice your odd behavior played out in the dream and it had made perfect sense as to why you have done it, you may have had a past life dream in what looked like a parallel universe.


Parallel universe dreams may awe you, but at the end of the day, do remember that you are here in the now.

Your dream may have been a metaphorical one that needs an interpretation, a past life review, or a glimpse into an alternate reality, but the takeaway is that you are in this world and this present, and you may want to strive to live your life to however you want it without regrets.






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