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Main article: LionLion is the pet of the Crystal Gems who followed them home from the desert after one of Steven's first missions.Pre-SeriesLion was once a normal wild lion, presumably owned by Rose Q...
Main article: Lion

Lion is the pet of the Crystal Gems who followed them home from the desert after one of Steven's first missions.


Lion was once a normal wild lion, presumably owned by Rose Quartz in the desert hundreds of years ago (where he would have briefly met Buddy Buddwick when he traveled into the desert). After dying through unknown means, Lion was resurrected by Rose, granting him pink skin and magical abilities. Once resurrected, Rose stored many of her most valuable personal belongings inside of Lion's magical pocket dimension and got him familiar with her most notable locations, such as her fountain and armory. Rose also entrusted Lion with the key to her landfill.

Before Rose gave birth, it appears that she gave Lion instructions on when to reveal information about herself to Steven, as whenever Steven questions something about Rose, Lion shows him something new about her. Following Rose's departure upon giving birth to Steven, Lion roamed the desert alone, only to be found by the Crystal Gems and reunited.

Lion approaches Steven when the Crystal Gems visit the desert. Although appearing intimidating, Lion acts playfully towards Steven, letting him pet him and climb on top of him. When the Gems return after bubbling the Desert Glass, they immediately become alarmed by Lion until Steven convinces them that he's harmless. When the Gems return to the Crystal Temple, Lion follows and begins scratching at the door of the Beach House. Steven is overjoyed to see Lion has returned and attempted to play games with him, even though Lion wants to get into the house.

After failing to have Lion play trust fall and catch, Steven takes him to Fish Stew Pizza and tells him to wait outside the shop. Lion runs back to the Beach House when Steven goes in and continues scratching at the door. He eventually breaks through and emits a magical roar at Amethyst who is sleeping near the Desert Glass. Frustrated that Lion cares more about the Desert Glass than himself, Steven throws the Desert Glass against the beach which causes it to reform sandcastles and other structures. Lion saves Steven by using his magical abilities to stop the Desert Glass and decides to stay with the Crystal Gems when they allow it.

Lion shows up to Amethyst's birthday party. Lion plays with his birthday hat until Steven shows him how to put it on his head properly. Later on, when Steven's abilities cause him to age into an old man, Lion finds him and brings him back to the Gems.

Lion can be seen sitting underneath the porch of the Beach House while it rains.

Steven presents Lion as transportation to the movie theater to Connie Maheswaran. Lion can be seen eating a Crystal Basilisk. Steven and Connie mount Lion, but he does not move until moments later when his eyes widen. Lion jumps and lands on the ocean, revealing he can walk on water. Although Steven tells him he is going the wrong way, Lion continues sprinting on the sea until creating a portal with his magical roar. The portal leads to Rose's Secret Armory, where Lion shows Steven and Connie the device which reveals Rose's weapons. When Steven and Connie accidentally activate the Robot Shooty Thing, Lion takes them through another portal he created, bringing them to the movies. The robot also manages to enter Lion's portal and follows them to the movies. Lion gives Steven and Connie Rose's Sword which was stored in his mane to defeat the robot. After the robot is defeated, Lion watches Dogcopter 3 with Steven and Connie, and is shown wearing 3-D glasses.

Lion appears in the fake Beach City Rose's Room creates.

Lion stands alongside the Crystal Gems in front of the chained up Centipeetle, ready to strike in case she attacks.

Steven rests on Lion's back as they follow Connie up a hill to have a picnic. Throughout the episode, Lion can be seen resting while Steven tells Connie the story of his healing powers. When Steven discovers that he has healing spit, he tells Lion that they should tell the Gems, and the two rush down the hill.

Lion joins the Crystal Gems in getting the ocean back from Lapis Lazuli. Steven and Connie ride Lion to the center of the ocean while everyone else rides in Greg's Van. Later, Lion fights Lapis's water clone of Steven. He launches his magic roars against the clone but misses each time. Eventually, the clone launches Lion into Greg's van. Afterward, when Lapis returns the ocean, Lion and Connie save Steven before he plummets down thousands of feet. Once the ocean has returned to Beach City, Amethyst hugs Lion in celebration.

Lion is once again seen resting under the Beach House.

Lion is with Steven at the Big Donut. He presses his face against the Lion Lickers fridge, but Steven tells him that they are disgusting. Back at the Beach House, Steven unpacks Sadie's mom's lunch bags while Lion watches, getting one of the bags stuck on his head. When Steven says that he wish he knew a little more about Rose, Lion becomes extremely clingy. He attempts to prevent Steven from falling asleep, and when he does, Lion engulfs Steven's face in his mane, revealing his magical pocket dimension. Lion continues his attempts to get Steven into his pocket dimension until Steven gets fed up and brings him outside on a time out. When Steven decides to forgive Lion, he accidentally goes inside of Lion's dimension and looks around at Rose Quartz's various artifacts. Steven takes Rose Quartz's Video Tape and views it at the Big Donut. After watching it, he goes outside of the shop where he finds Lion and hugs him.

Lion can be seen sleeping in the living room of the Beach House while the Gems play a board game.

Lion joins the Gems in removing weapons from the Gem Battlefield. He goes off on his own and ignores Steven when he calls for him. Lion digs up the scabbard to Rose's Sword and doesn't let go of it, even when Pearl tries to take it forcefully. When Steven goes off with Pearl to Rose's Secret Armory looking for Rose's Sword, Steven reveals that Lion has it once he remembers what it looked like, shocking Pearl. At the Beach House, Steven shows Pearl that Lion had it all along, which makes Pearl question if Lion has some connection to Rose. Pearl then refuses to believe that Rose had a Lion because if she did, she would have known about it. When Pearl runs away in frustration, Steven and Lion chase her down. Steven calms her down, and the two return Rose's Sword to Lion's dimension. To cheer up Pearl, Steven uses the dimension to perform various magic tricks and even shows her the battle flag that was inside of Lion. Steven and Pearl then ride back home on Lion's back.

Lion shows his support in Steven by placing his paw on his head. He takes Steven back to the Crystal Gems as the Gem Warship is about to land on the beach.

Lion uses his magical roar to remove debris from the Gem Warship explosion, revealing the Gems inside of Steven's bubble. Lion then watches as Malachite forms.

Lion makes a brief appearance standing on the beach, following the events that occurred in "Jail Break".

Steven tells Pearl of a dream he had where Lion is driving Greg's van. Later in one of Steven's dreams, Steven mistakes Malachite's hair for Lion's mane.

Lion allows all of the Crystal Gems on his back as he takes them to the Communication Hub. Upon arriving, he drops out of exhaustion. Lion witnesses Pearl and Garnet fusing into Sardonyx. Later when Sardonyx unequips her hammer, the hammer turns into dragonflies which Lion attempts to catch in his mouth. Later on, Lion takes Steven and Amethyst back to the Communication Hub, where they wait to see what Peridot is up to.

Lion takes Connie back to her house. Steven takes Rose's Sword out of Lion and gives it to Connie. Later, when Steven needs to leave, Lion is gone. After Dr. Maheswaran takes Rose's Sword to the hospital she works at, Steven and Connie use Lion to warp there. Steven tells Connie that Lion listens to him if he gives him Lion Lickers. At the end of the episode, Dr. Maheswaran is surprised by Lion, and Steven explains that he is his pet.

Lion can be seen resting outside of the Barn with Steven and Connie when he opens up her present.

Steven leans against Lion while he plays his ukulele. When the Gems have to go to the Moon Base, Lion lets all of the Gems on his back while he opens up many portals, trying his hardest to get to the Moon. Once they finally arrive, Lion is exhausted, and for the remainder of the episode, Lion rests on the floor, and it is implied that he warps the Gems back to the Barn.

Lion makes a brief appearance. Later on, Lion walks away, and Steven looks for him until discovering Lapis on the barn silo.

Lion arrives at the Beach House with Connie. He is seen later sleeping in the background while Steven and Connie train on the beach. During the day, Lion can be seen accompanying Steven, Connie, and Amethyst. He chases Amethyst (who has shape-shifted into a cat) with Steven and Connie, as well as rides the ferris wheel at Funland. When Jasper appears with the Corrupted Gems she captured, Lion fights Ocean Jasper with Steven and Connie. Once Amethyst poofs and Stevonnie forms, they mount Lion and charge at Jasper, who is riding in their direction on the Snow Monster. After they emerge victorious, Lion joins Steven and Connie in the running to the Temple to tell the others about their victory.

Steven tells Pearl and Garnet of how Stevonnie formed and fought alongside Lion to ward off Jasper.

Steven stops Lion from chewing up one of his shirts by hanging it up on the tree in Lion's dimension. He accidentally breaks the branch and pops a bubble, releasing Bismuth. Steven takes Bismuth out of Lion's dimension, which puts a strain on Lion's body. Lion, along with Steven and Amethyst, appear confused by who Bismuth is. Later on, Steven pulls Rose's Sword out of Lion to show Bismuth.

Steven tells Eyeball that he left Rose's Sword inside of Lion. Steven's lock screen is also shown to be a picture of himself and Lion.

Lion takes Steven and Connie to the Buddwick Public Library. When they read Buddy Buddwick's Journal, they learn Buddy met Rose and pre-resurrection Lion, who originally belonged to a pride of at least seven lions led by Rose, in the desert over 200 years ago. When Lion saw Buddy, he licked him.

Connie tells the Gems that while they were out in space, she took care of Lion and that he behaved well.

While Steven vents to "Rose" about what she did wrong, he talks about how she locked Bismuth inside of Lion.

Lion coughs up the key to Rose's Landfill when Steven questions his magical destiny. Lion takes Steven to Rose's armory and her fountain, and then finally to her landfill to show Steven what the key opens. Lion then takes Steven to Greg when he asks about the tape labeled "For Nora" that Rose left behind in her landfill.

Steven discovers that by resurrecting Lars, he obtained all of the powers that Lion possesses. Steven enters Lion's dimension through Lars' hair and discovers that a new tree is in place, representing Lars. Steven walks over to Lion's tree and goes through the grass, which causes him to come out of Lion's mane. Steven realizes that Lion must have died and Rose resurrected him, and he remarks that he wishes he could talk to Lion. Steven then travels through Lion's mane and back out of Lars' hair on Homeworld. When Steven leaves Homeworld, he goes through Lars and out of Lion, making him arrive back on Earth.

After Connie gives up trying to make Steven understand how much he hurt her by surrendering to Homeworld, she asks Lion to take her home. Lion shoots Steven a disapproving glare before leaving with her, showing that he shares her anger at Steven over his surrender, as well as him treating the situation as nothing and ignoring her feelings about it.

After "Dewey Wins"

Over the next few weeks, Lion stays with Connie, presumably to give her comfort and companionship during her and Steven's estrangement, as well as teach Steven a hard lesson over his taking her and his other loved ones for granted. At one point during this time, Connie rides Lion to Steven's house in an attempt to reconcile in person after failing to do so over the phone, only to find that he'd gone on vacation.

Lion returns along with Connie, bringing her to Kevin's party, and mostly remains in the background throughout the episode, observing things as some the party-goers fawn over him. He also shoots off several more disapproving glares at Steven when he deliberately ignores Connie during the party on Kevin's advice to manipulate her into making the first move in them reconciling, culminating in her almost leaving on Lion again instead after she resignedly assumes that Steven has given up on their friendship after being left completely in the dark by her for so long, and has moved on with Kevin as his new best friend. Fortunately, Steven comes to his senses in time and stops Connie from leaving, and following their reconciliation, Lion presumably forgives Steven as well, as he allows him to ride on his back again as the three warp home via Lion's magical gate.

Lion is shown to once again be under Steven's care and on good terms with him, as he adorably rolls over and purrs like a kitten in front of Steven and Connie, briefly stymieing them with his cuteness before they go through his mane to visit Lars.

Though not seen, Steven travels through Lion's mane in each episode to visit Lars, introducing Garnet to him and the Off Colors, and bringing him a letter with the latest news in Beach City in each respective episode.

Lion is shown giving Steven a ride around Beach City, as the latter reflects on the latest changes to come to town since Aquamarine and Topaz's string of abductions. When Steven laments about the Big Donut being closed because no one is there to run it (due to Sadie quitting and Lars still being out in space), Lion drops him off near the store, which is shown to be now open (thanks to Garnet taking a job there). Lion is not seen again until the end of the episode, where he is shown sleeping, with Garnet's newly adopted kitten, Cat Steven, sleeping on top of him.

Lion warps Steven to the Moon Base to reunite with Lapis, and once again, is tuckered out from the use of his powers. He later demonstrates his protective nature of Steven when he stops him from blindly running after Lapis when she opens the base's doors and then nuzzles him in comfort when he ultimately fails to stop her from leaving. Steven then asks Lion to take him to Pearl.

Amethyst becomes overwhelmed by the amount of pink, noting Lion, Rose's sword, and Pink Diamond.

Lion attends Ruby and Sapphire's wedding and participates in the battle against the Diamonds with the other Crystal Gems.

Lion escorts Steven, Connie, the Crystal Gems, and the Diamonds to Rose's Landfill to find Pink Diamond's Ship and later remains behind on Earth with Bismuth, Greg, and the Maheswaran's, as they say goodbye and watch as the Crystal Gems go with Blue Diamond and Yellow Diamond to Homeworld.

Lion finds Steven (in a Watermelon Steven) floating in the ocean and takes him to Greg and Bismuth. Lion watches with them as Steven try to explain what happened on Homeworld.

When Lars finally returns home with the Off Colors, Lion snuggles up to him, indicating the bond they share by being brought back to life by Rose Quartz/Pink Diamond's power. The Off Colors then show him affection by petting him. Lion later greets the Diamonds and meets White Diamond for the first time. After the Diamonds return to Homeworld, leaving the leg ship of their Mecha sitting on the temple, he is seen asleep while hanging out with the rest of the Crystal Gems.

Two years after the events of "Change Your Mind", Lion first appears napping in Greg's van as he gives Pearl a bass guitar lesson. After Steven arrives, Lion greets him and Steven uses Lion's mane to travel into Beach City. Later, Lion actively assists Steven and the Crystal Gems throughout their conflict with Spinel: helping Steven find the "reset" Amethyst, helping bring back Pearl's memories by participating in Steg and Opal's musical performance, retrieving Connie from space camp to help, and working with the Gems to rescue the Beach City's citizens get after the effects of Spinel's Injector devastate the town. He expresses concern for Steven's safety during his final battle with Spinel, especially following the massive explosion that destroys the injector, and later nuzzles Steven when he turns out to have survived afterwards.

Lion appears sleeping at the foot of Steven's bed, where it's revealed that Steven has stored the portrait of Rose Quartz in his mane's dimension.

Lion appears in Steven's kitchen throughout the episode.

Steven rides Lion to Connie's house, and he brings the two back to the beach where they met where Steven intends to propose to her. After the proposal fails, Connie rides Lion back home.

After Steven's PTSD, sense of purposelessness, and suppression of his emotions leads to his meltdown and transformation into a giant monster, Lion rallies with the rest of the Crystal Gems to help his master/charge. Teaming up once more with Connie, the two help evacuate the town, and then, after everyone embraces Steven with love, Lion warps her to the top of his head to give the final piece of love he needs. Later, after Steven has transformed back, Lion greets him with a warm, friendly lick and allows Steven to embrace him and cry into his mane as his master/charge finally lets out his emotions.

Lion warps Connie to see Steven and is last seen with them as they plan to meet up while Steven travels around the world and eventually settles elsewhere, with the two planning to use his warp powers to maintain their relationship.