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5 Anime that Deserve English Dubs - The Otaku Journey

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“Get these anime an English dub!” -Black Panther (played by Michael B. Jordan)Disclaimer: This blog contains affiliate links. I may receive a commission for purchases made through these links.Beloved...

“Get these anime an English dub!” -Black Panther (played by Michael B. Jordan)

Disclaimer: This blog contains affiliate links. I may receive a commission for purchases made through these links.

Beloved anime series such as Re:Zero and most recently Demon Slayer have finally premiered their own English dubs.

As a self-confessed dub lover myself, I saw this as a blessing.

According to Funimation’s simuldub schedule, the simuldub tidal wave will not subside until 2019 has reached its conclusion.

Despite anime dubs being frequently released, there are still 5 amazing shows which haven’t gotten an English language release.

So for this post, I thought I venture into the sacred territory of Subbed only anime.

To seek out these 5 extraordinary shows.Inspire them to challenge the Lords of the Dubbed Anime Territory:

FunimationSentai FilmworksBang Zoom!NYAV PostAniplex

For the chance to earn a place within the fives’ domains.

Starting the list is this wholly original series by P.A Works. Who are well known for their gut-wrenching, emotional series such as Angel Beats! and Another.

ShiroBako is essentially the anime equivalent of The Disaster Artist. Presenting viewers an honest and insightful perspective on the inner mechanics of anime productions. In pure exaggerated anime fashion.

The basic premise follows the exploits of five young girls. As they pursue their own career paths in the anime industry.

A production assistantAn animator (God help her)A 3D Graphics ArtistA Voice ActressAnd the last is a story writer

The show wholeheartedly embraces its unique premise with poignancy and humility.

Watching Shirobako is like sucking on a sweet hard candy, with a sour core. It was thoroughly entertaining watching the hilarious exploits of the five main characters. Yet at the same time, it’s a bittersweet affair.

The show does not shy away from the harsh problems plaguing the industry today.

Production delays.Budget CutsGrueling long working hours

Heck, there’s even a graph displaying the characters’ salaries.

Each of our five main characters faces challenges in their professional endeavors. Watching them grow from conquering their struggles deeply resonated with me.

Sadly, the working conditions in the anime industry still hasn’t improved. Hence I believe it’s vital for Shirobako to step back into the limelight.


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Now, who wants an anime about agriculture?


Desiring a change from his standard school routine, teenager Yuugo Hachiken relocates to an agricultural school in rural Hokkaido.

There we see Hachiken gradually adapt to his alien surroundings.

And making friends with the school’s quirky folks.

From Hiromu Arakawa, the genius mind behind Fullmetal Alchemist, it’s surprisingly a lot more entertaining than what it’s premise implies.

Mainly thanks to the show’s ensemble of loveable characters. Their gut-busting antics had me laughing multiple times.

English voice actors would have difficulty recording their lines. Just from suppressing their laughter over how hilarious the dialogue is.

I guarantee the English cast will have just as much fun as the Japanese cast.

But underneath its comedic light-heart exterior lies a surprisingly poignant story.

Our young protagonist is at an impasse in his life.

Hachiken has no idea what he wants to pursue after high school.He’s under immense pressure by his father to succeed.And it doesn’t help that he’s always compared to his older brother.

Common dilemmas every person would face within life.

Throughout his time at the school, Hachiken starts re-examining his life.

His goals. His ambitions.

Some of the anime’s best moments were the times we observe Hachiken’s personal growth.

Hachiken’s personal development would be engaging material for an English dub.


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Next up we have the star who’s light will dazzle across the anime community with its supreme radiance.

If you thought that sentence sounded eccentric, well so is this anime.

This Studio Bones series has vibrant colors, “unique” mecha designs and a glamorous transformation sequence synonymous with anime.

Our hero, Takuto, enrolls himself at his new high school on an island paradise.

….After literally swimming from the mainland.

Damn! Michael Phelps can get some tips from this guy.

There Takuto continues his average teenage life.

Attending high schoolWorking part-time to earn moneyAnd battling enemy mechs in his own “uniquely” designed mech-


Oops, I meant Tauburn

Against the fashionable Glittering Crux Brigade. Who just happens to be his classmates.

You know, standard (anime) highschooler life.

This series captivated me with its bizarre premise.

And fluid animation on par with Gurren Lagann and Darling in The Franx.

Seriously how has this series not been dubbed yet?!

The pulse-pounding mecha fights are some of the most well-animated, thrilling I’ve witnessed in anime. Furthermore, the character interactions are hilarious and kept me entertained outside the mecha fights.

Since modern mecha anime are transitioning to the CG (DARK) side, it’ll be nice to relive the glory days of 2D mecha anime.

Heck. The combined efforts of Darling in the Franxx, Netflix’s Evangelion and a Star Driver dub may reignite a new hope in 2D mecha anime.

Along as the Star Driver dub faithfully emulates the show’s frenetic energy.


Star Driver Part 1 (Paid Link)

Now time to unwind with some good old slice of life mellowdrama.

16-year-old Ohana Matusmae moves to the Kissuido Spring Inn after her mother abandons her.

There she’s taken under the wing of the owner, her disciplinarian grandmother.

This series by Mari Okada has been gradually overshadowed by her more popular works.

Both Anohana and Maquia have gotten English dubs.

Hanasaku Iroha has a plethora of admirable qualities worthy of an English dub re-release.

Stunningly bright visuals that compliment the show’s optimistic tone.Superb, beautiful animation by P.A WorksEmotional character interactions that remains one of Okada’s engaging tropes.

Based on his directorial work on Anohana, I have faith Patrick Seitz can assemble a stellar English cast.

What time is it?

Adventure time!

This sleeper hit captivated many hearts with its simple story of four young girls’ journey to Antarctica.

A haunting feeling plagues young Mari Tamaki’s heart. The feeling that she’s wasting away her youth.

Something within her relentlessly compels her to take the next step.

A leap of faith.

Except fears paralyzes the poor girl.

Until she gets a little nudge by Shirase Kobuchizawa.

Joined by their companions, Hinata Miyake and Yuzuki Shiraishi, the four venture onwards onto Antarctica.

You go girls!

Thanks to its wonderfully realistic characters, beautiful artwork and inspiring music the series cemented itself as one of the best anime of 2018!

It’s timeless themes of friendship, adventure and carpe diem would resonate with viewers everywhere.

Ultimately this is a story of the bonds we create and cherish in life.

I’d be more than happy to relive this story again in English.

The series tender themes of friendship and meaningful connections are topics worth exploring today.

Now more than ever.

That’s all otakus!

Are there any anime you believe deserves English dubs?

Also, what are your favorite dubbed anime?

Go ahead and share your thoughts in the comments!

Written byPhilip Lawrence- October 18, 2019