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Which Steven Universe Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac ...

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Steven Universe and its epilogue series, Steven Universe Future both excel at juggling a large cast of interesting and dynamic characters. Each one has a very real and spirited personality and many vi...

Steven Universe and its epilogue series, Steven Universe Future both excel at juggling a large cast of interesting and dynamic characters. Each one has a very real and spirited personality and many viewers can find at least one character they identify closely with. Fans will no doubt miss this epic and wholesome series.

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Gemstones are often categorized as birthstones and paired up with astrological signs, so it's only fitting to take a look at some of the characters of Steven Universe and theorize which astrological sign they would best fit. Here are the Zodiac signs as characters from Steven Universe.

12 Aries: Ruby

Like your typical Aries, Ruby is passionate and emotional. She dives headfirst into the action, sometimes without thinking things through. Aries are also known for their short fuse, and Ruby is no exception. After Garnet found out that Pearl was going behind her back to rebuild the Communication Hub in order to keep fusing with her, Garnet eventually split back into Ruby and Sapphire, because Ruby's anger couldn't be contained. While her anger can be fierce, Ruby's love for Sapphire is even more intense and her loyalty is strong.

11 Taurus: Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz's aura embodies all things Taurus: she's the perfect symbol for love, beauty, and since she's also Pink Diamond, wealth. While Rose Quartz is largely absent from Steven Universe besides in the form of flashbacks and memories, her physical belongings are left behind: including Lion, and her room that manifested anything she desired. These objects and spaces are often soft, pink, and luxurious - which makes sense for a Taurus since they love being pampered.

Taurus can also be prone to stubbornness and often have to have things their way, and it's clear that this much is true for Rose Quartz. Rose Quartz is a polarizing figure, misunderstood for some and a selfish villain for others.

10 Gemini: Sardonyx

Gemini is an intelligent and playful sign, which are two adjectives that perfectly describe Sardonyx. Sardonyx has Pearl's theatrical and dramatic personality and Garnet's articulation and sensibility. Gemini tends to be witty and they love to hang out with others. Sardonyx takes on the persona of a game show host, so it's easy to see why Gemini is a good sign for her.

9 Cancer: Garnet

Cancers are known to be tough on the outside and soft on the inside. On the outside, Garnet is stoic, calm, and strong, but she can also be gentle, loving, and emotional in her own quiet way. Cancers often have lots of maternal energy towards their friends and relatives, and Garnet acts as a motherly figure towards Pearl, Amethyst, and Steven in the same way. She's fiercely loyal and would do anything to protect Steven, the Crystal Gems, and the Earth.

8 Leo: Peridot

Peridot is a neurotic little Gem who took some time getting used to Earth life and unlearning the ways of Homeworld. Peridot works well as a Leo because of her self-confidence and high esteem, which especially flourishes after she adjusts to life as a Crystal Gem on Earth. While she can be a bit egotistical, she's also become one of the most tactical and helpful of the Crystal Gems.

Leo's relationships can often be filled with drama, and the same is true for Peridot's relationships with Steven and the other Gems. Ultimately, Peridot's fortitude and intelligence make her a great ally.

7 Virgo: Pearl

Pearl is one of the more interesting and dynamic characters in Steven Universe and Steven Universe Future because of how much she endures and the extent to which she grows. Pearl makes perfect sense as a Virgo - practical, realistic, detail-oriented, perceptive, and perfectionist are all things that describe Pearl and the Virgo sign.

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Just like any Virgo, Pearl is her harshest critic and she's often weighed down by what she perceives as her weaknesses and flaws. But her commitment to changing things for the better and her determination to not give up is what has helped her build up her strength and heal from heartbreak in tremendous ways throughout Steven Universe Future.

6 Libra: Opal

Amethyst and Pearl's relationship isn't always easy; they aren't often perfectly balanced enough to fuse and create Opal, which is why she doesn't show up often. Just as balance is necessary for Opal's existence, balance is necessary for the Libra sign's happiness. Despite the fact that she doesn't often make appearances, she's still a stable fusion and has a very calm and peaceful presence. She can be forgetful, which is a trait often found in Libras. For example, she forgets all about the Heaven Beetle in "Giant Woman". She's carefree and a dreamer, while also possessing a strong fighting spirit.

5 Scorpio: Amethyst

Out of all the astrological signs, Scorpio is probably the most impulsive, fun-loving, and, at times, can deliver a playful sting. Amethyst indulges in sleep and eating human food, despite the fact that she doesn't need it. She also loves to prank Steven and the other Gems and can be a bit conniving.

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She's loud and doesn't have great manners, but she's very perceptive and not afraid to work hard and play hard. These are all common traits found in the Scorpio sign.

4 Sagittarius: Stevonnie

Stevonnie is one of the most unique characters in Steven Universe. They are always excited to learn new things - just like the Sagittarius sign, they are enticed by new experiences and bits of knowledge. Stevonnie is quite comfortable traveling and being in the wilderness, as seen in episodes like "Jungle Moon". Sagittarius are often nomadic and enjoy being on the road. Stevonnie has a quiet determination about them, and while at first, they are anxious around large groups of people, once they get more comfortable they are social and easygoing. It makes sense for Stevonnie to be a Sagittarius since they are always on the move and exploring.

3 Capricorn: Connie

Connie is detail-oriented and has a passion for learning. This part of her personality shines through strongly in Stevonnie, and it's also something many Capricorns have in common. Connie is also accustomed to a strict schedule and holds herself to high standards, especially in her academic life. Similarly, the Capricorn sign is very focused and goal-orientated, and they are devoted to their professional lives. Connie has a contagious positive attitude and her intelligence, determination and problem-solving abilities can't be beaten.

2 Aquarius: Lapis

Aquarius's are gentle but also rebellious. Lapis Lazuli starts out as a weaker character who is closed off, hurt, and literally broken - but at the same time possessed an inner strength that was immeasurable. Her free spirit is complementary to an Aquarius sign, and she also struggles with trusting others. Lapis enjoys and finds comfort in solitude and prefers a quiet environment. She can be pessimistic and has trouble letting go of the past, but ultimately she learns to grow and change for the better. Indeed, Aquarius signs have an exceptional ability to adapt and change over time.

1 Pisces: Steven

No matter what you think of this title character, pretty much any viewer would agree that Steven Universe always sees the good in people. Pisces signs can sometimes struggle with seeing the world through rose-tinted glasses, and they can sometimes be too trusting and naive. At the same time, Steven has proven to be incredibly strong and versatile, even with the weight of the world, and Pink Diamond's legacy, on his adolescent shoulders.

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