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Use These 6 Crystals to Connect with the Universe

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Crystals have this amazing ability to help connect us with the energy of the universe. They were formed in the earth’s surface millions (or even billions) of years ago, typically during periods of change­—and like everything else in this world, they retain the vibrations of the planet. Energy and wisdom from the beginning of existence resides inside each mineral. We’re able to harness that energy for ourselves by wearing crystals, holding them, placing them in our homes, and even carrying them with us. Their energy can aid us in transforming ourselves mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Humans have been drawn to crystals for thousands of years. Kings and queens used them for protection, shamans use them for healing, watch-makers use quartz to tell time, and scientists use them in microchips.

If you feel drawn to a crystal, it’s likely one you can utilize in your life. When you find the right minerals for you, their energy will work in harmony with yours to enhance your life and reveal things that have been previously out of reach. On the following pages, you’ll find a few crystals to get you started.

Find deep healing with Kyanite

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Kyanite offers powerful emotional healing through self-examination and intuitive guidance. It helps to create energy bridges that allow us to cross over painful emotions that have kept us stagnant and stuck. On a subtle level, working with this crystal helps cut through patterns of self-destruction, negative self-talk, and emotional masochism. Kyanite also supports perseverance, fairness, and discernment. It is great for the brain and the throat. For this reason, it is especially good for singers and those in leadership positions.

Color: Sky blue with a translucent pearly sheen.

How to use it: Keep kyanite with you as jewelry or a touchstone when speaking publicly or leading group activities. For lucid dreaming, sleep with kyanite under your pillow. Meditate with it to experience yin-yang balance. Kyanite cannot contain or accumulate negative energy, so this is one of the few minerals that never needs cleansing and can be used to charge other crystals in your collection—simply by placing them together.See also 5 Crystals to Tap for Self-Care and Optimal Health

Release bad habits with Amethyst

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The name amethyst stems from the ancient Greek word amethystos, which translates as “not intoxicated.” For centuries, this crystal has represented self-control and sobriety. Known to help people overcome unhealthy habits, amethyst works its magic by uncovering the deeper-rooted issues that initially led to addiction, and it aids in understanding and releasing them.

When using this mineral, expect to have many aha moments, as it creates a free-flowing pathway between you and the divine energy of the universe. Amethyst surrounds us with a light of protection as it encourages spiritual exploration and self-discovery. It can also help us overcome fears, access wisdom, and defend against stress and negative energy while you find supportive and stable environments in which to grow, strengthen your immune system, and bring balance to the brain and nervous system.

Color: Light violet to deep mauve.

How to use it: Wear amethyst jewelry as protection against addictive behavior. Place it in your home for stability and support. Meditate with amethyst to unveil unseen motives and reasoning behind certain behaviors. Place a piece of amethyst under your pillow to help with insomnia, and rub a tumbled or polished pieced on your forehead to dissipate headaches.

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Balance with Clear Quartz

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Clear quartz helps balance energy, enhance focus, and bring clarity to its user. This is a simplifier crystal, which means that it will amplify any energy or intention it is around and connects with. For this reason, you can use it in conjunction with other minerals in your collection as a meditation tool. Clear quartz stimulates the body—especially the nervous system. It supports hair and fingernail growth and is thought to be a master healer, useful for healing many types of ailments. In addition, it can help soothe pain from injury, burns, and severe headaches.

Color: Colorless; can be cloudy or glasslike.

How to use it: If you’re working, keep it prominently displayed on your desk or in your office to stimulate clear thinking, focus, and clarity. Since clear quartz is an energy purifier, it can be beneficial to place it in high-traffic areas, like an entryway or living room. Meditating with clear quartz can help you access higher realms of spirituality because of its ability to clear energy pathways. It opens up the spirit to higher guidance. Though clear quartz does not store negative energy because it is an amplifier crystal and a powerful conduit of energy, it is important to charge and cleanse it regularly.See also 7 Crystal Mindfulness Practices to Let Go of Old Habits for the New Year

Attune with Blue Lace Agate

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Blue lace agate can help with communicating spiritual ideas. This crystal helps enhance mental function and encourages deep spiritual understanding and growth. Its calming and balancing energy soothes overactive minds and imaginations, so it’s often recommended for children who have trouble falling asleep and telling the truth. In general, agates have been thought to operate at a slower vibrational frequency than other crystals. In this case, slower does not mean less powerful. Agate energy is extremely strengthening, and it can provide lasting and firm vibrations. Its flow of even energy can help bring harmony to the minds of busy parents and households. It’s a great gift for new moms and dads! And connection to the throat chakra makes its physical healing properties especially beneficial for healing laryngitis, sore throats, and speech problems.

Color: A mix of pale sky-blue and white with a banded appearance.

How to use it: Because of its mild vibration, place this crystal in any part of your home that can benefit from a calming and gentle energy. When placed under your pillow at night, blue lace agate acts as a calming agent for an overstimulated mind. Meditate with this stone to help manifest new methods of growth and expression. Wear it around your neck, as a choker, to accelerate healing for any throat ailments. See also 10 Crystals to Tap for Creativity and Inspiration

Access vitality with Carnelian

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Carnelian is a stone of action and vibrant passion, most often used for accelerated healing and increased vitality. It brings with it a powerful vibration of sexual energy and bold action. This crystal is all about getting your body and mind moving with a surge of vital energy so that you can heal yourself on a physical level and accomplish your goals on a mental one. Carnelian is great for metabolism, vitamin absorption, regeneration of tissues, thyroid issues, and cleansing the blood. It can also be extremely helpful in detoxing from alcohol and drug use. Because of its strong ability to bring the energy of acceleration into your life, carnelian has been known to help in areas of love as well, and it can be used as a tool for reigniting passion and romance. It uses its fire energy to bring passion to the spaces it is in, revitalizing sexual energy, pleasure, and courage. Carnelian also helps fight fatigue, laziness, apathy, and depression. It can also be used for protection against envy, jealousy, and negative emotions.

Color: Fiery red-orange with a vibrant glow.

How to use it: Ancient Greeks and Romans wore this stone as a form of protection against sin. Place it near your front door for protection and a welcoming of abundance. Keep a small piece with you for accelerated healing when feeling ill. If you’re looking to add passion in the bedroom, keep it near the bed during intimacy—though be careful to remove it before falling asleep because carnelian’s powerful energy can interrupt slumber. Meditate with this mineral to help break through limiting thoughts and bring your intentions to fruition. See also 7 Ways to Reignite Your Yoga Passion

AwakenwithShiva Lingam

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Shiva Lingam represents inner transformation and kundalini awakening (a major shift in energy and consciousness). Shiva lingam is all about reaching heightened levels mentally, spiritually, and sexually. Over the centuries, it has been thought to hold ancient knowledge of the universe and enlightened consciousness. For that reason, it is often used during sacred rituals and has been an object of worship by different communities over time. For centuries, this mineral has been worshiped as a tool to create enhanced sexual ability and as a fertility aid. It can also be useful for menopause, impotence, and sexual imbalances. Shiva lingam is a very sacred stone for those who practice Hinduism; its name is derived from the Hindu god Shiva.

Color: Khaki gray with dark-brown stripes and swirls.

How to use it: Utilize shiva lingam in the bedroom, displayed on the nightstand, or on a table facing the bed. When meditating with this crystal, expect to experience transformative levels of meditation.See also 8 Poses to Connect to Higher Consciousness

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