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habboin 15/01/2022 Universe 1826
I believe that the Universe can help me—and you—create the life story we want. But we have to be clear and consistent about what we really, really want, and we have to communicate that to the Universe...

I believe that the Universe can help me—and you—create the life story we want. But we have to be clear and consistent about what we really, really want, and we have to communicate that to the Universe with conviction by way of our words, actions, thoughts, emotions, intentions, and expectations. I believe this—no, I KNOW this—because of the miraculous, uncanny, synchronistic events that have happened and continue to happen in my life, from the very small to the most significant.

Now, I don’t want to give the impression that everything in my life is roses. Far from it. Crap happens. But often I can look back and, if I’m honest, pinpoint a bad attitude coming out of my mouth and mindset. I know when I’m screwing things up–by not thinking right and by not living in a mode of Gratitude.

My life’s standout factor soars when I use the assistance and gifts of the Universe to help me, so I’m talking to the Universe all the time. I’m also listening because the Universe has a lot to tell and teach us if we pay attention. Whether lessons or realizations, the Universe offers us many gifts.

So…are you willing to accept the gifts of the Universe? Are you ready to accept that the Universe is listening to you and is ready to help you with whatever you ask with sincerity? Are you ready to put your words and thoughts to good use? Are you ready to use your power to make your desires happen?

Let’s go on this journey together. I may be a few steps ahead of you on this, but we’re all students of life. While I walk with Gratitude every day and know how important a positive mindset is in attracting and creating what I want, I am human. I get frustrated and worried and negative at times—more often than I would care to admit. But when I can bring myself back to Gratitude, back to positive communication in my thoughts, words, and actions, I find that wonderous and wonderful things happen. Sometimes they are big moments with lifelong impact. Sometimes they are just mood-changers that make my day better. Whatever it is, large or small, it’s comforting to know that the Universe is listening, watching, and helping. In fact, the more I trust and release, the more the Universe directs me to the people, places, and things that make my wishes come true. And that gives me all the more reason to be grateful.

What are you grateful for right now? Is it your family? Your home? Your job? Your safety? I hope you have all of those things, but I’m challenging you to dig deeper and to think bigger. The key is to not restrict yourself, or believe that thanks only belongs to the more significant aspects of life. The Universe is here to deliver anything you ask of it. Anything. But you must be conscious about what you are really asking for, and how you ask for it.

Generally people ask for things like houses, cars, jobs, and soulmates. And, sure, we should be asking—and thanking—for all of those. However, if you’re like me, you also want things like clarity, safety, ease, calm, kindness, and your kids to do a better job picking up their rooms. When we go beyond the obvious big-ticket items, there are countless things we are truly grateful for. I know you’re thankful for that guy at the corner store who is always so helpful and calls you by name, or the birds and deer that visit your yard, or those 25 minutes of alone time you’re able to scrounge on Tuesday’s when your husband takes your kid to dance class. The Universe is happy to deliver those to you—and a ton more. In fact, those are the easiest and quickest to deliver.

The secret is to say “thank you” before you have what you want in physical and present form. It’s to operate with expectation, intention, and the groundedness and all-knowing that whatever you ask of the Universe, the Universe will deliver. It will be literal, so again, watch your words. I have numerousexamples of how I asked for one thing and then literally got it—only that wasn’t exactly what I meant and exactly what I wanted. Sometimes the result was comical, and sometimes it was startling.We must learn how to communicate with the Universe.

The concept is simple, but the execution can be difficult. (I shouldn’t be saying that! Thank you, Universe, for helping me to easily keep my thoughts, words, emotions, and actions in alignment with what I really, really want!) But, it’s true. And it’s the issue. We humans (especially women) struggle with worry and impatience and the unknown when we really need to be rooted in trust, patience, and the conviction that we really can create, co-create, manifest, and attract anything we want. I know when I’m making good happen in my life, and I know when I’m screwing things up.

The answer? Keep working through our humanity. Keep pulling ourselves back to a positive, productive, and confident state. Watch our words. Take deliberate actions. Be patient and observant to watch the signs the Universe gives us. Ask the Universe to tell us what we need to know and to direct our way. Stop over-thinking and start feeling more.

Thanks to the Universe is a tool I use to help myself find and reinforce blessings everywhere. I simply, every day, take a moment to say “Thank you, Universe for…” I insert something big and then something super small like finding a dime on the sidewalk or for remaining calm when I really wanted to shoot off my mouth, or for the flowers that bloomed in my yard that morning. To keep me on course, I’m posting some of these on Twitter on a regular basis. It’s my way of holding myself accountable, and challenging you to think deeper and wider and to give your regular thanks to the Universe as well. I’ll also be talking about this in my blogs, giving you words to use and words to lose to help you engage all the good the Universe has to offer.

When we tune in and align with the Universe, life gets better–great, in fact. We no longer feel alone (even though we never were alone). We attract the right people and opportunities. We invite and manifest unexpected gifts, money, and other wonderful surprises that many would believe impossible. Speaking the language of Gratitude and engaging the power of the Universe are the easiest things in the world. They produce the greatest ROI ever. They are some of the most important tools to creating a standout life.

To live a standout life, we must find the beauty, the messages, the gifts. We must understand the power we have to create our reality, and to use all tools available toward that end. We must be attuned to the laws of the Universe; they are real whether one believes them or not. If you’re not applying the laws to your advantage, then you’re missing out big time. Why make life harder than it needs to be?

So I challenge you to stretch your thinking. Look harder, farther. Find the many wonderful things that are here for you and your standout life. Pay attention to your thoughts and your words and what they are really saying, literally saying. Start practicing by talking about what you really want, not what you don’t want. (Say “keep it clean” instead of “don’t make a mess.” Say “I’m feeling good” instead of “I’m not feeling too bad.”) I challenge you to think about what you really, really, really want in this moment. For yourself and for others. Lay it all out there to the Universe. It is definitely listening!

Follow me on Twitter to get my regular Thanks to the Universe. Watch my words and use them as a template to help you fashion your own language of Gratitude. Then pay attention to how life unfolds. Watch standout events, relationships, synchronicities, coincidences, lucky breaks, and crazy wow moments happen in your life. Everything is possible. We don’t have to know how things are possible; we just have to engage the Universe and watch what happens.

The Process Is Easy:

Look for Gratitude everywhere!Express heart-felt Gratitude at least several times a day, every day.Express Gratitude for what you have and what you want as if it is real right now.Watch your words. Talk about what you do want and never what you don’t want.Acknowledge and be grateful for the good that comes your way, no matter how small. Say thank you!

I’m grateful for you. I’m grateful that you’re here. I’m so thankful to have the opportunity to help you make wonderful things happen in your life through the Universe and the language of Gratitude.

Follow me on Twitter and watch for more blog posts and videos on how to engage the Universe to make magical, things happen in your standout life.