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Thank The Universe & Share • Consciousness — To Be Magnetic ...

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habboin 19/01/2022 Universe 2144
I’ve been simmering on creating this little segment for quite sometime, for as outward as I am on this space, I’m INCREDIBLY private about very personal things - my journal being one of the most perso...

I’ve been simmering on creating this little segment for quite sometime, for as outward as I am on this space, I’m INCREDIBLY private about very personal things - my journal being one of the most personal. Nobody see’s my journal. I hide it. Even from my partner and dog. I’ve always been that way. The thought of suggestively showing it to the thousands in my community makes me sweat, panic a little, and get massive nerves in my stomach. I can talk about periods until the cows come home, but peeking into my intimate thoughts, manifestations, and personal work – Jesus. So, I thought I’d start with a very surface level manifestation list. You know, shoes, pants, a car, a new phone - the easy everyday (don’t judge my consumerism wants) kind of stuff.

The real point I’m getting at here is that I’d like to initiate a segment that encourages others to thank The Universe and share their manifested subjects and the really kismet, comfortable ways The Universe may have sent them. As all of you know by now, I literally use Manifestation for every corner of my life. And I trust The Universe’s divine timing, means, signs, and communication implicitly. So in an effort to create a real community around this work – especially for those of you I have not had the wonderful opportunity to work with yet – I’d like there to be a little space where each of us can go and share our manifested subjects. So I hope this encourages each of you to share with those that you love.

The moment that everything is manifested on one of my lists, such as this one, I run out and send it to my partner, mom, close friends, and a few clients that need a little boost. Each time a list completely realizes itself, it’s as if it’s the first time. It’s like sharing a little piece of magic. So I encourage each of you to share your manifested lists. Feel free to email them my way! I LOVE reading them (even if I can’t get back to every single one). I have a few clients that have created little manifestation communities of friends. They share their lists amongst each other. And I’ve even created a hashtag #FNthelist for those that feel compelled to share amongst each other on social media. By sharing, we create collective consciousness and an even stronger magnetic force. It also helps us to recognize how often we are manifesting the subjects we intend to. This strengthens our trust muscle. Most importantly, it keeps an account of all the tiny little ways The Universe is constantly supporting us.

Here I am before you sharing an easy completed list from this May. Each subject appeared in divine and perfect ways.

1. As you know, I just scored these two weeks ago for half price (a price I was comfortable with).

2. The Palantines shoe was generously given to me by the founder at one of her pop-ups to which I went on wearing every single day this summer. And Max was beautiful enough to gift me a black pair, which I still wear weekly.

3. I decided that these might be a bit too wide and unattractive for my feet. Therefore, they fell off my list.

4. I’ve been manifesting my new car since December of last year. After realizing that I might have wanted to buy a new one out of ego, I decided to put it in The Universe’s hand. I said, “I’m going to run my little paid-off car into the ground until The Universe is ready to organize my new one.” And as things go, I woke up last Monday with the intuition that, I’m going to get my new car very soon. By Thursday I was in an accident that totaled my car. By this Tuesday, my insurance company called and said that I’d receive a settlement much more than I would have gotten had I traded in my car or sold it privately. And last night I was at the Audi dealership test-driving this electric hybrid. We’ll see which car I go with as my interest has grown into a few different ones.

5. I picked these up at COS in Italy for 25 euro after I had literally tried on every pair at Barney’s before departing. Each had a texture or color that I didn’t love. And they all ranged from $120-300.

6. My dear friend referred me to the perfect one after having extended my 2015 taxes until October. When I met him, it felt divine and a ton of pressure had been relieved.

7. Again, I wasn’t willing to get a new iPhone until my old phone of three years broke. Finally the camera gave out. And I paid much less than I anticipated for my new one.

THANK THE UNIVERSE | anytime we receive something we want - from the smallest called in subject to the biggest - it's imperative to give gratitude to The Universe. For me, this varies. It can be jumping for joy in the moment and thanking aloud. Or it can be sitting in meditation at my alter and deeply thanking it. Regardless of the practice you create, it's important to keep that conversation alive and give gratitude.