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how to thank the universe
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Thank TheUniverseTHANKING THEUNIVERSE IS IMPORTANTIn the box above tell theUniverse what you appreciate most today.The Universe provides. Whether you areaware of it or not, the Universe has supported...

Thank TheUniverse


In the box above tell theUniverse what you appreciate most today.

The Universe provides. Whether you areaware of it or not, the Universe has supported you in many ways. Too often we take for grantedthe things that have gone right in our lives. Our natural tendency is to dwell on fixing thereal or perceived problems we encounter daily. And no doubt this tendency is necessary for us to advance in ourrelationships, our homes and our careers. But sometimes we need to acknowledge that the glass is half full.Sometimes we should pause for a moment, reflect on our bounty and listen to the lyrics when the song says, “Youneed to stop and smell the roses.”

Thanking theUniverse is a simple act. And yet this simple act can reward you with a richness in your life that you may haveoverlooked. If you’re not sure how this works, you might start by taking a long, slow, deep breath. Relax into themoment and then look around. What surrounds you is your material Universe. Look closely and consider thedetails.

Material things have meaningin our lives beyond their apparent purpose. They can bring back memories. They can evoke feelings. Where did youget them? When was it? Who were you with? A single detail might bring back a fleeting event, or it might paint apicture in your mind of an entire era. Are you thankful for any of those things?

You might be thankful forfriends, family, pets, neighbors, coworkers and even strangers. Have any of them helped you in some way? Mostpeople, regardless of our personal opinion of them, try to do the right thing as they see it. Even if someone rubsus the wrong way, we might still be able to find an agreeable side to them. Pets are always on our side, foreverinnocent. Pets are grateful for our support and we can be thankful for their unconditional companionship.

There are intangibles liketrips, shows, concerts, museums, restaurants and pubs. And don’t forget the littlest pleasures that can make thebiggest difference like a walk in the park, a refreshing swim, a relaxing bath, cool air with warm sun, a pleasingtaste or aroma that we haven’t experienced for many years.

These are just a few of themany thousands of things, people and events that have filled our lives. Think of something positive, something thatwent right. Choose something wonderful that has happened in your life and thank the Universe, your Universe, forincluding it in your life.

Please Tell Us About YourExperience

Please takea moment to tell us about your experience with Thanking the Universe. You do not need to tell us the nature ofyour thanks. We do not need your name. We are mostly interested in your general relationship with the Universe.What happened after you thanked the Universe? How did you feel? Did thanking the Universe make you more awareof the richness in your life? Did it bring back memories of people or events that you had not thought of inawhile?

Yourexperience will be posted in our section called Experience. Your email information iscompletely confidential, it will not be posted or shared with anyone ever. You could be a huge help toothers who might be struggling in their lives.

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