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Dimension Jumping: How To Travel Between Parallel Universes ...

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habboin 30/10/2021 Universe 2508
Dimension Jumping: How To Travel Between Parallel UniversesIt’s been said before: if you change your beliefs, you change your world. The reality that you experience will always correlate with what you...

Dimension Jumping: How To Travel Between Parallel Universes

It’s been said before: if you change your beliefs, you change your world. The reality that you experience will always correlate with what you believe to be true. So change your belief and you will change your reality.

But it’s not quite right. There’s another way, a better way. A way that is more practical, and more beautiful. This way doesn’t come from books or thinking, no one taught it to me, and I did not expect it or theorize its existence.

I observed slight differences in places, in people, and in the ambient energy, that occurred under particular circumstances. This was always true, but it had formerly been subtle enough, and indeed familiar enough, to be ignored or reasoned away.

Indeed we are all familiar with this effect already. If you are in a certain mood, or ingest certain substances, the world changes. Then after some time, it goes back to normal. Typically we would say that it is ourselves and our interpretation of the environment that has changed, not the actual environment that changed. It sounds right.

What I observed was that this effect could influence all aspects of my interaction with the world, including:

The brightness of colors and clarity of vision.The hostility/friendliness of people and animals.The types of people that I happened to bump into.The meaning and the importance of events.What was and was not possible/true.

It wasn’t just my perspective that changed, but other people’s perspective of me. In some states I would meet a certain type of person, then lose contact with them as I lost that state, with the connection reestablished when I later felt the same way again. In some states I noticed certain things, details on the walls or ceilings that I’d never seen before, even in my own home, only to forget about this again and never again see or think of it until I returned to the same state weeks later.

We would usually say that what I am describing are changing states of my own consciousness, and that I were merely resonating with different people and places depending on my state. But it’s missing something. Not only are people very different in each of these supposed states, appearing to follow completely different goals and be concerned with different beliefs, but I also found that it didn’t necessarily require a heightened state of consciousness to move between them. Indeed, while a shift in consciousness did appear to cause a shift in world, it did so only temporarily.

When I had excess energy or increased consciousness I had the ability to move into a more desirable world, but I would always revert back to my default world as I could not keep up the expense.

Instead I’m going to suggest another possibility. What if these are different dimensions? Indeed it’s almost the same observable reality, but not quite. If what I were experiencing were different dimensions it has repercussions in how one should act. Instead of changing your belief to change the world, you move world to change your belief. A belief then is not something that you hold, but rather it is a description of the current dimension: the truth of the reality you are in. And if you want to change a belief, you just move. If you want to change anything, just move. It’s a game changer. Think about it… if all possibilities exist in an infinite series of parallel universes, then you cannot change anything, but only move your own position within infinite potential. You do not have any responsibility to fix anything, but only to find the dimension that you prefer, for yourself. Your only mission would be to find a place that you can call home. Sounds easy.

You can just go to a place where you are happy, rich and successful, and where everything is beautiful.

Isn’t that the same promise made countless times before under the jargon of vibration and intention? It is, but they never told you how to do it. So many new-age books told you to just change your belief, but telling someone to just change their belief is like telling them to just be different. Just be rich. Just already be successful. Just be happy. That’s a description of the destination, it doesn’t tell you how to get there.

The easiest way to change your world is to change your physical location. You could argue that different physical locations all exist on the same dimension, which is how everyone typically thinks. However, looking at different places as if they are different dimensions is useful because otherwise you may forget that the easiest way to change your belief is to change your location physically. Different possibilities exist and different beliefs rein in different places on Earth.

It gets even more interesting when you move between different dimensions of the same location. Each place and person exists across a range of dimensions. People who appear to be unconscious on one dimension may be conscious on another, or vice-versa. A city that is dead here may be lively there. In some dimensions there is magic, in others, not so much. Some are miserable, some are happy.

There are many heavens and many hells, and you can visit them all. Of course, monkeys think heaven is the jungle, and fish think heaven is the sea, so finding heaven for yourself a subjective quest.

So how to jump dimensions? How does one move between parallel universes? The same way you move between any two places: travel. In this case you just need to travel metaphorically. At first this concept may seem odd, but just as there are roads between cities, there are pathways between dimensions that can be traversed. They’re not hidden, you’ve just been told to not see them.

The reason why most people cannot see these pathways between dimensions is because they’re taught to ignore them. You’ve been taught that reality is independent of reason. For example, if I travel from my house into the town you would assume that it is always the same town that I arrive at. But that town exists in multiple dimensions, and the one I get to depends on the dimension I start from, how much energy I expend to get there, and the reason why I’m going there. The reason why is like intention, but more honest. I might intend one thing, but deep-down I want something else.

You can, for example, leave your house, walk in a circle and return back to the same place you started. This is a metaphorical journey. You traveled but didn’t get anywhere physically. But you did get somewhere. The time and energy you used has value and was spent.

So take a journey that goes nowhere and returns to where you started from, and you may find that when you arrive at your destination its not quite the same as the place you left. You aren’t trying to be efficient, you’re trying to use energy and struggle forwards but not gain anything in the physical world. Any travel you undertake that doesn’t get you anywhere physically, will get you somewhere spiritually. Travel with the intention to move dimensions and work for it. Taking a slower method of transport than usually advised, for example walking something that is driving distance, or driving something that is flying distance, can also do the trick.

And finally, you will always be brought back to a place in which you left a piece of yourself. Somewhere there is a bit of you that you are missing. You need to collect these pieces, or finally let go of them, before you can move on permanently. When you are all in one piece, you can go anywhere you choose.

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