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Bachelor of Design with Honours - Massey University

can i do an honours year at a different university
habboin 05/10/2021 Universe 2013
197119Coding for Creative Practice 15197122Digital Fabrication 15197123Visual Identity Systems 15197191Art and Design: Special Topic I 15197193Contemporary Design Project 1A 15197194Contemporary Desig...
197119Coding for Creative Practice 15197122Digital Fabrication 15197123Visual Identity Systems 15197191Art and Design: Special Topic I 15197193Contemporary Design Project 1A 15197194Contemporary Design Project 1B 15197211Rapid Ideation 15197228Contemporary Design Project A 15197229Contemporary Design Project 2A 15197238Interaction and Interface I 15197270Creative Ecologies I 15197288Creative Collaboration 15197291Art and Design: Special Topic II 15197331Contemporary Design Project B 15197332Contemporary Design Project C 15197338Interaction and Interface II 15197370Creative Ecologies II 15197379Service and Experience Design 15197383Internship 15197388Creative Communities 15197433Designing Science Fiction 15197434Design Awards and Competitions 15197435Design for Festivals and Events 15197436Play, Research and Design 15197440Contemporary Design Project D 15197441Contemporary Design Project E 15197442Contemporary Design Project F 15197443Contemporary Design Project G 15197470Creative Ecologies 15197471Social Interventions Through Design 15197490Design Special Topic A 15197495Design Independent Study 15197499Design Special Topic 30198124Modelling and Prototyping for Product Design 15198212Product Design Visualisation 15198213Furniture Design 15198308Industrial Design Special Topic A 15198315Product Development 15198320Open Design & Digital Fabrication 15198463Industrial Design Digital Representation 15198490Industrial Design Special Topic C 15198495Industrial Design Independent Study 15212100Fashion Pattern Making 15212101Fashion Construction 15212200Garment Block Pattern Drafting and Grading 15212226Fashion Communication 15212228Fashion Special Topic A 15212304Drape for Design 15212309Contoured and Knit Apparel 15212321Digital Applications for Fashion Production 15212328Fashion Special Topic B 15212403Apparel Production Research 15212495Fashion Design Independent Study 15213150Painting 15213151Contemporary Sculpture 15213154Contemporary Drawing 15213155Drawing the Body I 15213211Fine Arts Special Topic II 15213254Drawing in Practice 15213255Drawing the Body II 15213256Contemporary Art Projects A 15213257Contemporary Art Projects B 15213258Contemporary Art Projects C 15213259Contemporary Art Projects D 15213260Fine Arts Special Topic IIB 30213261Contemporary Art Projects F 15213262Contemporary Art Projects G 15213263Contemporary Art Projects H 15213264Contemporary Art Projects I 15213265Contemporary Art Projects J 15213311Fine Arts Special Topic III 15213356Contemporary Art Projects E 15213358Fine Arts Internship 15213359Contemporary Art Projects K 15213360Fine Arts Special Topic IIIB 30213411Fine Arts Special Topic IV 15213464Art in Context 15221100Photography as an Agent of Change 15221220Photography and the Studio 15221221Photography and Digital Practices I 15221222Photography and the Darkroom 15221291Photography Special Topic A 15221320Photography and the Body 15221321Photography and Digital Practices II 15221322Photography and the Advanced Darkroom 15221391Photography Special Topic B 15221456Photography and the Archive 15221457Photography and Visuality 15221495Photography Independent Study 15222103Social Media Culture 15222104Printmaking 15222208Letterpress 15222215Brand Communication 15222225Narrative Illustration 15222232Illustrated Characters 15222248Typographic Systems 15222312Art Direction 15222313Copywriting 15222326Sequential Art 15222333Concept Design for Imaginary Worlds 15222347Editorial Design 15222348Narrative Information Design 15222390Visual Communication Design Special Topic A 15222408Experiential Information Design 15222409Contemporary Letterpress 15222417Image and Identity 15222425Illustration Studio Practice 15222449Spatial Type 15222490Visual Communication Design Special Topic D 15222491Visual Communication Design Special Topic E 15222496Visual Communication Design Special Topic F 15222499Independent Visual Communication Design Study 15223207Materials Lab 15223211Fashion Textiles 15223301Contemporary Wallcoverings 15223312Textile Print Project 15223328Textile Design Special Topic B 15223411Embroidered Textiles 15223412Sustainable Colouration 15223490Textile Design Special Topic C 15223495Textile Design Independent Study 15224204Design for Performance 15224205Design for Display 15224302Spatial Design Special Topic A 15224306Game Space 15224490Spatial Design Special Topic C 15224495Spatial Design Independent Study 15237117Māori Art and Design Studio I - Toi Atea 15237130Communication for Makers 15237131Conversations in Creative Cultures 15237211Māori Visual and Material Culture - Toi Atea 15237217Māori Art and Design Studio IIA - Toi Atea 15237218Māori Art and Design Studio IIB - Toi Atea 15237230Creative Cultures & Contexts I 15237231Creative Cultures & Contexts II 15237317Māori Art and Design Studio IIIA - Toi Atea 15237318Māori Art and Design Studio IIIB - Toi Atea 15237330Creative Cultures & Ideas 15237331Creative Cultures & Display 15237401The Material Turn 15237402The Visual Field 15237403Studies in Material Culture B 15237404Studies in Visual Culture B 15237417Māori Art and Design Studio IV - Toi Atea 30