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5 DC Heroes Scarlet Witch Would Defeat (& 5 She Would Lose ...

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Out of all the Omega-level mutants in the Marvel Universe, there is one who's at the top of the list. It's not any of the Summer family, Jean Grey, or Wolverine. It's not even Maggot. It's Wanda Maxim...

Out of all the Omega-level mutants in the Marvel Universe, there is one who's at the top of the list. It's not any of the Summer family, Jean Grey, or Wolverine. It's not even Maggot. It's Wanda Maximoff -- the Scarlet Witch. Basically, if you can eliminate 99% percent of Earth's mutants, then you're number one.

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However, that's her status on Earth-616. What if she visited the DC Universe? There are certainly heroes she would defeat and those she would lose to but which ones? For that answer, here are 5 DC heroes Scarlet Witch would defeat and 5 she would lose against.

10 Would Lose To: Hal Jordan

It comes down to willpower, doesn't it? In order for Wanda to produce her Chaos Magic she has to concentrate. When that happens, the result is powerful. For example, the near-destruction of the mutant race on M-Day.

Though her will is strong, it isn't as powerful as Hal Jordan's. Unlike Scarlet Witch, the protector of Sector 2814 has no fear. He probably has the strongest will in the DC universe. So, there's a good chance he would decimate Wanda in a battle.

9 Would Defeat: Black Canary

Black Canary's loss to Scarlet Witch wouldn't be due to her lack of abilities. Her Canary Cry makes her a metahuman while her training under people like Wildcat and Batman make her a skilled fighter. What it comes down to is familiarity.

Canary has a similar fighting prowess as Wanda's friend Black Widow. Thus, there's a good chance she could predict what Black Canary would do. As for the Canary Cry, a simple spell from Wanda would quickly stop it. Once disabled, the Scarlet Witch would finish up with a roundkick that Black Widow taught her.

8 Would Lose To: Wonder Woman

Here, it's the sheer strength of the Amazonian Princess that would take Scarlet Witch down. Not only the physical abilities that Wonder Woman possesses but also her warrior mindset. Plus, Diana comes from a island filled with mystical energies. Yet another advantage in her battle with Scarlet Witch.

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There's a chance Wonder Woman would be somewhat flummoxed by the Witch's Chaos Magic. Nevertheless, it's not the first time she's dealt with these type of powers. Diana has dealt with her share of Chaos Lords in her time. She may be knocked back slightly at first, but she would quickly overcome Wanda's powers.

7 Would Defeat: Damien Wayne

It's not the age difference that would result in the current Robin's defeat. Nor would it be his abilities, because he is a skilled fighter. Damien would end up losing to the Scarlet Witch due to his, well, ego.

Though he's cut back a bit, Damien still thinks his bat-feces doesn't smell. It's not his will that keeps him going, it's overconfidence. This would be his downfall. No matter how much Chaos Magic he deflects, eventually some of it would hit him. That, or Wanda would simply punch him out.

6 Would Lose To: Dr. Fate

For clarification purposes, Scarlet Witch would have a hard time against the original person who wore the Helmet of Nabu -- Kent Nelson. Out of all the others who have donned it since, none of them have had the mastery of Kent. Not only that, but Nabu himself had thousands of years of training to harness the powers the Lords of Order presented to him.

The only way the Scarlet Witch would be able to defeat Dr. Fate is if the Lords of Chaos took over her soul and increased her power. It could work at first, but the combination of spiritual and mutant powers could backfire. As a result, Wanda could be temporarily incapacitated while her original powers returned. A opportune time for Dr. Fate to execute the final blow.

5 Would Defeat: Mr. Terrific

Again, this is not due to power levels. Michael Holt is a super genius who maximizes the use of technology and pairs it with his fighting skills. It simply comes down to this:magic overpowers technology.

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Especially when the magic is heightened by mutant powers. No matter if Mr. Terrific has the ability to appear "invisible," a simply spell by Scarlet Witch can alter reality so Michael clearly appears. In other words, Mr. Terrific would't have a ant's chance in a breeze.

4 Would Lose To: The Flash

Though Scarlet Witch's brother, Quicksilver, is fast, he's not as fast as Barry Allen. First, the Flash had/has the power of the Speed Force behind him. Second, he can do much more with his abilities than Quicksilver can. Vibrate through walls? Yep. Create mini-whirlwinds to suck oxygen out of the atmosphere? You bet.

That means the Scarlet Speedster has an advantage of the Scarlet Witch. On top of that, Barry has a huge streak of compassion. How many times has he bonded with members of his Rouges Gallery after defeating them? Though he might win in a fight with Scarlet Witch, he'd probably ask her afterward if she needs any counseling.

3 Would Defeat: Hawkman

Hawkman has no finesse. There's no subtlety to his moves. When he needs to defeat someone, he beats them down more times than not. Despite his constant incarnations, Hawkman is a bruiser.

That's his downfall as well. The Scarlet Witch does have finesse -- when she's not destroying all mutants. She'll be patient with Hawkman until she finds the right spot to knock him out of the sky. Then, she'll find a way to alter his Nth metal mace so it's made of cotton candy.

2 Would Lose To: Zantanna

Don't let her poor choices in costumes or backward spells fool you. Zantanna is one of the most powerful sorceresses in the DC Universe. In battles with other magical-powered beings she has been on par or above them at skill level. This means she would handily defeat the Scarlet Witch.

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Of course, it wouldn't be easy. Both women have utilized their powers for years. In real time, the Scarlet Witch has the edge. Nevertheless, the speed that Zantanna can produce spells would overwhelm the Witch.

1 Would Defeat: Superman

Sure, the Man of Steel is nearly invulnerable. He can brush off everything from a several-megaton blast to the energy beams of the numerous villains he has fought over the years. Yet, he has a big weakness, and not simply to kryptonite.

Supes is vulnerable to magic. A couple of well-placed spells by the Scarlet Witch, and Clark will be down for the count. Since Wanda can alter reality, she could do to Superman what Mongul couldn't years before -- create an alternate universe where Kal never became the greatest hero of Earth. In turn, the planet would be ripe to attack.

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