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how to build a rocket in minecraft
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You are a fan of Minecraft and spend part of your time exploring the world, facing new adventures each time. It must be said that you are also passionate about "space" and it would be nice if you coul...

You are a fan of Minecraft and spend part of your time exploring the world, facing new adventures each time. It must be said that you are also passionate about "space" and it would be nice if you could somehow have some way of combining these passions of yours, perhaps building a rocket in Minecraft. Is that what you were thinking about? Very well.

If this is the case, I want to give you some good news: although in Minecraft you can only explore the game world (the Overworld), thanks to the help of specific mods, you can really travel into space and discover new worlds. I'm serious! Do not you believe it? Then take a look: in today's guide, in fact, I'll explain it to you how to make a rocket in minecraft that it can really work and that it can take you through the solar system. Also, in case you are only going to create fireworks, I will also explain how to do it easily.

If you are ready to start reading my guide, I suggest that you sit back and pay attention to all the information that I will provide in the next chapters. That said, I just have to wish you a good read, and most of all, have a good time!

How to build a space rocket in MinecraftHow to build a fireworks rocket in Minecraft

How to build a space rocket in Minecraft

Do you want to travel in space to reach new worlds to discover? In this case, I recommend using the mod Galactic, which adds new planets and the possibility of build a functional rocket in Minecraft !

All you need to do to use this mod is install it first minecraft forge, a plugin that manages modifications. So, go to the official website of this tool and press the button Installer, to download the archive .JAR related to him. When the download is complete, double click on the file in question to run it with Java. Finally press the button Okay, to complete the procedure.

Once done, head over to the 9minecraft.net website, a portal that contains tons of mods for Minecraft. Scroll to the bottom of the page and press the item Download from server related to versions of Minecraft and Minecraft forge installed on your PC. On the new screen you see, press the button Download, to carry out the removal of the .JAR file. relative to mod.

In addition to this mod, you also need to install another one that is essential for everything to work properly: through this link, download the mod MicdoodleCore pressing the key Download from server close to the same version of Minecraft and Minecraft Forge, to download the relative in this case as well .JAR file.

Once you have the mod files, go to the path C: Users [nome] AppData Roaming .minecraft and open the folder modification. I can not find it? Create it yourself manually, following the tips I gave you in this guide. After that, move the two of them to this folder. .JAR file previously downloaded.

At this point, start Minecraft and press the ▲ icon, which you will find next to the button Theater plays. So choose the voice Forge and then click on Theater plays. Good: if you have carefully followed the instructions that I have indicated, you will have correctly installed the mod Galactic your Minecraft.

Through mode Creative For Minecraft, you can access the cards in this mod directly from your inventory, so you can immediately build your rocket. I will explain in detail how to quickly build a functional rocket to start your adventures, although in reality the contents of this mod are more complex and there are many tools available.

First, you need to configure a launch pad using the element Rocket launch pad. Therefore, you will have to build a platform of the size × 3 3 and then add a Rocket in this last. The next step is to refuel the rocket.

To do this, put a Gasoline charger next to the platform, to which you must connect a Coal generator (turn it on): use a Aluminum cable to make the electrical connection between these two devices.

Now use gods Fuel buckets to refuel the Gasoline generator. If you have followed exactly what I have illustrated, the Rocket it will start refueling to be ready to go. Then interact with the latter and press the key Virtual at keyboard to start the countdown.

The rocket will therefore be launched and, at the end of its journey, a map of the solar system will be available, through which you can select the planets to visit. Since it is necessary to have a special team to visit the planets, I suggest you consult the official Wiki, where you can find all the information you need to better understand this mod and explore new worlds in Minecraft.

How to build a fireworks rocket in Minecraft

If you want build a fireworks rocket in minecraft, you can perform this operation by following the instructions that I will provide you in the following lines. Not sure what a fireworks rocket is? It is nothing more than a rocket that you launch into the sky to set off fireworks.

In addition, pyrotechnic rockets are also useful in case you are equipped with the elitr : is a pair of wings that, when equipped, allow you to float in the air, after launching from an elevated area. So by using a fireworks rocket, you can give yourself extra thrust to stay aloft. I told you in detail about this object in my guide dedicated to the subject.

To make a simple rocket, to use in combination with Elitre, you can simply combine, on a workbench, 1 card unit and to 3 units of gunpowder. Regarding Paper, you can easily get it by following the instructions I gave you in this guide. However, as regards the Gunpowder, you can get it back by defeating certain creatures, such as Creepers, Witches, or Ghasts. You can also find it inside the chests scattered around the Minecraft world.

The amount of powder that will be used in this manufacture varies: the more powder you use, the greater the thrust the rocket will have. Therefore, you can only use 1 unit of powder or increase the quantity to a maximum of 3 units.

In case you want to make gods rockets with pyrotechnic effect, you need one Pyrotechnic star A containing the effect to be generated after the scan. First you need the Gunpowder, which I already told you about in the previous paragraphs. Then it should be done with the Dye, which can be obtained from the fusion of plants.

Combinatorial 1 unit of dye us 1 unit of powder, you will get 1 pyrotechnic star unit. At this point, on a workbench, add 1 pyrotechnic star unit, 1 card unit and to 3 units of gunpowder. If you have followed the instructions I have given you to the letter, you can cash in the slot next to it 3 units of pyrotechnic rockets.

By using other additional materials while crafting the pyrotechnic star, you can change the shape of the explosion, the effect, and apply more colors. In this sense, my advice is that you follow the instructions that you will find on the Minecraft.tools website, which allows you to easily generate any type of rocket, depending on the effects you want to apply.

Alternatively, you can also follow the advice I gave you in my guide on how to make fireworks in minecraft, in which I explain in detail what I have already explained in this chapter.