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Boruto: Naruto Next Generations introduced quite a lot of clones to the fans, starting with Mitsuki, being Orochimaru's clone, and continuing with the likes of Kara. Kashin Koji, one of the Inners of...

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations introduced quite a lot of clones to the fans, starting with Mitsuki, being Orochimaru's clone, and continuing with the likes of Kara. Kashin Koji, one of the Inners of the Kara, is also a clone and his genetic template is one of the most important characters to exist in the Narutoverse, Jiraiya.

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Being a clone of one of the Legendary Sannin, Kashin Koji gets to enjoy a lot of perks and is entrusted with the incredible body of one of the greatest shinobi to ever live.


Kashin Koji Has Prime Jiraiya's Strength

Kashin Koji is gifted as one of the greatest shinobi to ever live in Boruto's world simply because he's Jiraiya's genetic clone. Jiraiya himself was blessed with tremendous talent; his chakra was immense and his hold over various jutsu was flawless.

Kashin Koji was blessed with all these abilities from the very beginning, simply because he had the same genetic material as Jiraiya.


Kashin Koji Has Access To Fire Style Ninjutsu

Koji has an incredibly great hold over Fire Style ninjutsu, as seen during his fight against Isshiki Otsutsuki. Despite being inferior, Koji was able to utilize his jutsu very smartly and give him a run for his money.

This is yet another benefit he gains from being Jiraiya's clone, simply because Jiraiya had an affinity to Fire Release ninjutsu as well.


Kashin Koji Has Access To Earth Style Ninjutsu

Jiraiya was an excellent Earth Release user and he utilized this power mainly to trap others and restrict their movement to open up an opportunity to land a decisive blow.

In the fight against Isshiki Otsutsuki, Kashin Koji made use of Earth Release ninjutsu quite shrewdly to distract Isshiki with it and open up an opportunity to summon a stronger weapon against him, which just goes to show how much his fighting style resembles Jiraiya's.


Kashin Koji Could Have Access To Other Nature Transformations

Kashin Koji is quite a skilled ninjutsu user, however, he's shown to be able to use just Earth Release and Fire Release so far. That certainly doesn't mean he can't use more nature transformations, and given that Jiraiya was a four nature transformations user, Kashin Koji should have access to Water and Wind Release as well.

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By training, Kashin Koji can even gain access to Lighting Release and make himself a user of all five nature transformations.


Kashin Koji Can Use Powerful Toad Summonings

Just like Jiraiya, Kashin Koji also has access to powerful toad summonings. During his debut, he managed to crush Ao with his boiler toad and then went on to show the versatility of the summon by spying on Kawaki when he infiltrated Konohagakure.

In the fight against Konohamaru, Kashin Koji deployed his toads in a way that ensured his victory before the battle had even begun. Without a doubt, having access to powerful toad summonings is something that he shares with his genetic template.


Kashin Koji Can Summon Fire From The Flaming Mountains

Being an excellent user of Fire Release, Kashin Koji was able to improve on Jiraiya's already elaborate skill with this art and make himself much stronger. In the fight against Isshiki Otsutsuki, Kashin Koji showed the ability to summon eternally burning flames from the Flaming Mountains.

Being a natural source of fire, Isshiki wasn't able to absorb this technique. Instead, he had to resort to shrinking it down with Sukunahikona and show his true power.


Kashin Koji Has The Potential To Learn Sealing Jutsu

While Kashin Koji hasn't shown any skill in Sealing Jutsu so far, he should be capable of this art, given that Jiraiya was a master of it as well. Having the same power as Jiraiya means that it shouldn't take him long to master these abilities at all.

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What's more, since Koji's body is much stronger than that of Jiraiya, he should have a higher ceiling when it comes to learning Sealing Jutsu and once mastered, be more skilled than him at this art as well.


Kashin Koji Is Excellent At Infiltration Missions

Being Jiraiya's clone makes Kashin Koji an excellent ninja when it comes to infiltration missions. Recently, Kashin Koji infiltrated Konohagakure and observed not only Kawaki but also Boruto and even the Seventh Hokage to some extent.

Similarly, Jiraiya was held in high regard when it came to infiltration missions, as seen when he entered Amegakure all by himself and tried to uncover the secret of the strongest Akatsuki member, Pain.


Kashin Koji Has An Extremely High IQ Thanks To Jiraiya

Being an extremely powerful character, hardly any character can take him on in battle, even if there are those who can, Koji has his high IQ to get the better of them in combat.

Koji possesses the same intellect as Jiraiya, who was extremely adept at strategies and covert operations that required clever plans. Koji's IQ was seen when he took on Jigen in a fight and resurrected him within Jigen's body.


Jiraiya Had Great Pride As A Shinobi & So Does His Clone

Kashin Koji is a clone who was created for the sole purpose of taking Jigen down once and for all. Although he obliged with every command that his creator, Amado, gave to him, he also had a certain pride as a shinobi that refused to let himself die a death without any meaning.

After losing to Isshiki Otsutsuki, Kashin Koji made an escape because he believed it wasn't his destiny to die there. Similarly, Jiraiya believed in destiny and was on the hunt for a perfect life all along.

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