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gamerant.com 8 anime from the 90s that have no Blu-Ray releases

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It is the golden age of anime. It is more available now than ever before thanks to specific streaming services like Crunchyroll and Funimation. Even the big services not made for anime have plenty to...

It is the golden age of anime. It is more available now than ever before thanks to specific streaming services like Crunchyroll and Funimation. Even the big services not made for anime have plenty to offer like Netflix and Hulu. Because the medium can be binged on so many apps and websites, it’s also more popular and accepted into culture. Live-action shows and movies are being green-lit every day because of this rising trend to seemingly bridge the gap between non-anime and anime fans.

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Gone are the days when fans had to buy extremely expensive DVDs to get a few episodes of a show months apart from each release. As great as streaming anime is, some fans still prefer physical media. It’s a real shame then that these classic series are still missing in action on blu-ray in particular. It should be noted that all of these shows started in Japan in the 90s at least. However, some wouldn't air in North America until the mid-2000s thanks to Adult Swim.


Case Closed

Case Closed, or Detective Conan as it is known in Japan, had its anime adaptation begin in 1996. The detective show is still going on with over 800 episodes available to stream in Japanese. However, less than 200 of the episodes were ever dubbed into English when it came to Adult Swim. These seasons were made available via DVD collections but they’ve never received a Blu-Ray transfer. Most of the movies can be purchased on Blu-ray though.



The Pokemon series began earlier than this, but the anime would not start until 1997. It has been going strong since with over 1,000 episodes of the main show. There have been numerous spinoffs as well. The first season was transferred to Blu-ray in 2017. It was a collection of the first 52 episodes which still has Ash in the original Kanto region. It’s nice that there is at least one season on Blu-Ray. However, there are still so many episodes left that need transfers. Everything up until the end of the Johto League should be put on Blu-ray. Those are the golden years of this anime with some great characters.



Another monster-catching related show is Yu-Gi-Oh. The first season began in 1998 and it’s a big highlight for fans. It’s exactly why YouTube shows like Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged, and other spinoffs became so popular.

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It’s probably more popular than the original material itself or at least it is to a certain aged crowd. There has never been a Blu-ray release for it or any of the other original seasons starring Yugi. Like Case Closed, there are some movies available on Blu-ray.


Digimon Adventure

Yu-Gi-Oh had its fans, but Digimon Adventure was the true competition for Pokemon. There were seemingly many playground battles in the late 90s involving kids screaming what Digimon could beat up what Pokemon. There still are arguments but those battles are now fought online. Now, the anime began in 1999 right on the very cusp of the 90s but would not end until 2000. There are other seasons available to buy on Blu-ray, along with movies, but this original series remains lost.


GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka

GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka is another anime that just barely makes the cut of this list. It began in 1999 and also finished in 2000. It stars an ex-Yakuza member who decides he wants to make a clean break so he becomes a substitute teacher. The problem is his class is full of delinquents. He can relate to their troubles because he sees a lot of himself in them. It’s a goofy series that is also filled with a lot of heart. There is a DVD collection of the anime but the Blu-ray still isn’t available.



Trigun is right up there with Cowboy Bebop as far as classic anime goes. The two shows were often back-to-back on Adult Swim and it’s easy to see why as both were space westerns. Trigun was just a little more Old West, set on a newly colonized desert planet.

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The anime began and ended in 1998. Strangely enough, this was before the manga ended and it has never been adapted again or expanded upon. Besides a Blu-ray release, fans would also appreciate seeing Trigun get the Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood treatment. It deserves another shot.


Shin Chan

Shin Chan, or Crayon Shin-chan in Japan, had its first anime begin in 1992. It is still going on in with over 1,000 episodes, just like Pokemon. There are countless movies too. It’s a mega-hit in Japan. North America got three seasons which did not begin airing until 2006. The original material is pretty raunchy for an anime that is seemingly made for children, but the English dub made the jokes even cruder. It’s a lost gem that wasn’t fully appreciated at the time. Fans can’t even buy a DVD collection easily let alone a Blu-ray collection.


The Super Milk-Chan Show

The Super Milk-Chan Show is an even stranger show than Shin Chan. It began in 1998 in Japan and had a brief run in 2004 on Adult Swim. Like many original programs on Adult Swim, this anime seemingly had no point in their episodes. It was weird for the sake of being weird. It might be the hardest anime to convince companies to produce into a Blu-ray. The Super Milk-Chan Show is like an anime that needs to be seen to be believed. It’s not impossible but fans of this niche comedy anime shouldn’t hold their breath for too long.

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